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The idea to put pen to paper has long been something I toyed with. While it finally has become a reality it is still nothing to write home about. Through these small posts and rambles I hope to train myself to form opinions more clearly and make said opinions more understandable not only to myself but also the outside world.

There are so many things in the political arena to comment on that it makes it hard to choose what should be prioritised. But my interest lays mostly in one general  area. Imagine a Venn diagram with three circles; politics, technology, & philosophy. Right in the centre would be where my blog would find itself. 

I must say already that there is an inconsistency in my opinions. They change constantly and it could be that two posts say the exact opposite. Don't be alarmed, it is just my way of figuring the right from the wrong, if there even is such a thing. 

If you like what I write and want to contribute feel free to shoot me a message through twitter @jackvdberg.