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In no particular order - except for the first, cause it's among equals.

How to do nothing
Jenny Odell: An adaptation of her book on "How to Do Nothing: Resisting the Attention Economy." this 'short' medium article is a refreshing read and approach of the busy digital lives. It isnt a quasi-self-help article as the title suggests, rather it is a delightful exploration of abstract subjects and and pure curiosity of things in our immediate surroundings. [book review]

"Eric Hobsbawm, the Communist Who Explained History."
Corey Robin reviews Richard Evan's biography of Eric Hobsbawn: A life in History. It is the perfect summary of a book too long to read, about a most influential historian & communist. [philosophy]

The Distance Between Us
Micah Meadowcroft Why we act badly when we don’t speak face-to-face. The old message of the flip side of a coin called social media in a pleasing to read sleeve. [technology, philosophy] ...continue reading "April & May 2019: Interesting reads"