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Lines are interesting natural-occurring and man-made phenomena that structure our thinking and provides sensemaking both in the spatial and metaphorical.

A line not only appears on purpose by drawing it or through construction, but also simply through being the contrast or border of two separated parts. Take the horizon. A line that separates air from land. And in an unobstructed view both needs to be present in the field of view for it to appear. Ask a child to draw the horizon and all you will get is a line. There is a lot of beauty in lines, a golden hour horizon is one of the most photographed scenic views, and it is the line that provides this eclipse.

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2020 is the first year since 1986 that vinyl surpasses CD sales. This has been quite an observable change. Record stores are popping up left and right and I’ve spotted many ads on and offline for vinyl players. In a digital world you can imagine that there is an appeal to going back to something more physical. The physicality of playing records is most likely only one reason for its revival, another could be that acoustically it gives that sweet cracklin’ and other sound characteristics that listeners yearn for. But these arguments can work just as well for playing CDs. What precisely makes vinyl so appealing?

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