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April & May 2019: Interesting reads

In no particular order - except for the first, cause it's among equals.

How to do nothing
Jenny Odell: An adaptation of her book on "How to Do Nothing: Resisting the Attention Economy." this 'short' medium article is a refreshing read and approach of the busy digital lives. It isnt a quasi-self-help article as the title suggests, rather it is a delightful exploration of abstract subjects and and pure curiosity of things in our immediate surroundings. [book review]

"Eric Hobsbawm, the Communist Who Explained History."
Corey Robin reviews Richard Evan's biography of Eric Hobsbawn: A life in History. It is the perfect summary of a book too long to read, about a most influential historian & communist. [philosophy]

The Distance Between Us
Micah Meadowcroft Why we act badly when we don’t speak face-to-face. The old message of the flip side of a coin called social media in a pleasing to read sleeve. [technology, philosophy]

Problems, Goals, and How to Approach Them – Part 1
Christopher Soria: Few things are inherently a problem. Your problems can be best observed within the context of values, expectations, and goals. [self-development]

User data on the Internet: Manipulation as a business model
Florence Schulz: Interview with Ingo Dachwitz, a communication and media scientist. As editor at, he writes about the public digital sphere, data capitalism and data protection. [data, technology]

The Benevolent Power of Other People
Aarathi Prasad: Three new books — Nicholas Christakis’s “Blueprint,” Adam Rutherford’s “Humanimal” and E.O. Wilson’s “Genesis” — explore the biology behind human social life, suggesting that our tendency to form large groups may bring out the best in us. [book review, social sciences, genetics]

Underland by Robert Macfarlane review – a dazzling journey into deep time
William Dalrymple: Adventures, prose of great beauty and deep concerns, a book that offers a new perspective on the human impact on our planet. [book review, naturalist]

The Seducer’s Diary: Fashion, Desire, and Psychoanalysis
Lucas Ballestín: Great insight into what desire means, and how it is expressed in fashion. "garments cover over the emptiness at the center of our selfhood, just as they cover the nudity of our body."